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    It was deafening
    It became unbearable the way that silence screamed
    It surrounded her entire brain, her entire being,
    her entire breath
    That silence which killed her slowly
    It took over her unconscious sleep
    Putting her body to a halt.
    That silence which played over and over again
    That silence which arrested her from being normal again.
    And yet she tried every single day to tame that wild silence.

    Heart : I did try everyday to be better, to be ok,
    I promise I did ��
    Conscience : I know, and I want you to keep trying.
    I know it is not easy.

    Heart : I wish this to go away, I didn't even think of it,
    But it keeps coming back in my dreams,
    reminding me.
    Conscience : I'm sorry, and I know it will one day just be a
    blur that you will not have to deal with it anymore
    or even remotely remember it. You will be ok.

    **She can't explain this to everyone, it's difficult, trauma is difficult, abuse is difficult. It is difficult to deal with. No one will be able to understand that emotion and mental torture.Just when you feel as if you SEIZED it, it keeps creeping back, spiralling. They say that you body keeps that trauma and abuse count? Well it's true. You body keep that count and absorb every bit of that traumatic and abusive accounts. It's physically tiring when it keeps spiralling. It will take many minutes, months, maybe even years. Despite all this, she is silently trying and trying every single day. Her silence screams a million word**

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    Her silence screams a million word