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    I haven't seen my father for the last one month.
    He is assigned to fight the Corona virus.
    He battles on ungrudgingly to honour the hippocratic oath, fighting an invisible enemy,
    To unite others with their own daughters and sons.
    Each day, he dons his PPE like a superhero suit,
    To save others, risking himself in the process.
    Sweltering heat does not deter him.
    He flaunts the marks left on his face by the mask, like battle scars.

    I haven't heard from my seniors in a long time.
    While the rest of the world prepares themselves to stay locked inside their homes,
    Their landlords have forced them to vacate their homes.
    They have taken the difficult route,
    They have endured long hours in the dissection hall, the formalin burning their eyes and numbing their smell,
    They have pricked their fingers repeatedly to make the perfect slide,
    They have dedicated their life to lifelong learning,
    In order to help others celebrate their own.

    From the person who first held us we entered this world crying,
    To the one who plugs out the life support the day we leave the world, dying,
    From the person who injected you to make you immune to polio,
    To the one who answered your call at 2 am when you were breathless, sacrificed his sleep to help you breathe better.

    Instead, how do we repay them?
    We abuse them when a patient's condition deteriorates because he did not take the prescribed medications.
    We threaten to sue them when we are asked to perform x rays and scans which are necessary to detect the disease.
    We trash their skulls when they can't save a life even after trying their level best.
    We confuse them with some God who can magically treat people with the flick of their scalpel.
    We forget that they too are humans like us, capable of hurt and pain.

    Somedays, the news headlines fill me with dread.
    "Another young doctor killed in another part of the country"
    "Old doctor dead with Corona virus; infected while on duty".
    Sometines, I question my choice to enroll into a medical school a year back,
    When I had just a single aim: to help save lives.
    Now I do fear for my own life, but if i could go back in time,
    I wouldn't have done things different,
    Cause at the end of the day, the desire to help others overpowers all fears.


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    Let this doctors' day be a reminder to be a bit kinder to doctors and all other health professionals.
    Not just today, but all round the year.
    Let us not forget that they too are humans,
    Just like you and me.