• destiny_unforgiven_bylove 209w


    I was wondering for you , where did you go?
    The last time we laughed together..seems to be years ago..

    We decided never to leave each other ever in life, I dreamt of a future , me as ur man and u as my special wife..

    With a relation still undefined ..
    Wht happened to you idk, But wht i know
    Is you left me behind..

    The new you I found , has camouflaged your emotions ,
    now your revenge has no bound and its full of variations..

    I heartedly Apologize for Expressing My love too much,
    becoming the one ,you hated so much...

    I'd rather wait for *Someone* To love you again,
    So that My love remain Unrequited again....

    What made us to separate apart,
    Also made us entirely so hard..

    Now the way you behave and avoid me so sharp .. you have so much inside u which u did bewrap

    Your smile and "thank you" .. My Wink and "you are great" .. are now a mystery for all
    Whether it be 7th , 9th or 11th ... our Moments together... are now history for all

    I regret every day what happened to us suddenly..
    That now you are not therewith me.., But what is left with me is (in form of our memories)