• once_upon_a_time99 34w

    Words do kill..

    Guess it’s true, words do kill for all he said was you were late.
    As our car sped through the roads, I held her in my arms not knowing what to do or feel. She mourned in my arms and all I could do was listen and hold on to the hope that we will reach on time.
    As she was being laid on the stretcher, the doctor looked at her and gave the most depressing expression I have. That broke me. As the stretcher rolled into the operation theatre, I caught a glimpse of her face. Lifeless yet so bright.
    “ You were late, sir. We couldn’t save her. Sorry for your loss, sir.” The doctor sympathized and went away. But his words stabbed me like a knife and my soul died then and there.
    Wish we were late for the evening walk or wish you didn’t chase the ball or wish the car never existed or wish it was me and not you.
    Tears rolled down as I lowered her body into the ground. That day, I lost my buddy and all that’s left is a tombstone with “rest in peace poach. I am there with you.” engraved on it.
    #mirakee #lifesucks