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    When we cannot stop ourself from thinking about that person, every moment every second.

    When talking to that person , never feels enough.

    When our heart skips a beat at their sight, or their approach.

    When we begin missing the person, the moment we loose sight of each other.

    When talking all day about that person, to our friends and family doesn't seem enough.

    When we sleep with his/ her thoughts, and wake up with the same.

    When dreams revolve around him/ her.

    When his/ her choices seems the best in this world.

    When his/her priorities becomes ours.

    When a single hurt to that person brings in a great hurt in us.

    When his/her life aim, becomes our priority.

    When we think of all possible ways, and make efforts to make that person the happiest in this world.

    When his/her voice becomes the greatest music of all times.

    When we crave to keep listening to the deep down talks and thoughts of that person and some where keep relating ous own.

    When a mistaken touch gives a goose bump and we keep on recalling the scenario, if it just happened ?

    When our eyes stops resting on anyone else but that very person, when it comes to feelings, love, life.

    When mind frames, multiple imaginary scenarios of a happy life, full of love with that person.

    When all the love songs, begin to top our playlist.

    When being called the greatest bathroom singer becomes a moment of pride.

    When we think of all great stuffs to gift that person, just to bring a smile and to make him/her feel our love and compassion towards them.

    Every time when our heart skips a beat at his/ her smile, and wishes to god , to preserve that smile forever.

    When we crave to live forever, an eternal love life with him/her.

    When a single thought of misfortune, gives chills, and when our hands join tighter and head kneels lowers amidst the almighty, to be in favour always.

    The list is an endless one, I can go on forever. I guess I should stop for now, with this message, that “ Love is the greatest and the strongest feeling of this world”. If ever you get this true feeling, Accept it, Confess it, and never let that person go, let the Love grow, forever and ever

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    You know it's love..