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    @writersnetwork Thank you for helping us spread this, hopefully something will change because the comment section is not a marketing tool, thank you from all of us ������

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    To all opportunists out there, please Stop or just LEAVE!!!

    Since I've come back from my 6-week break all I am seeing is people advertising YouTube channels in the comment section of a writer's post. Perhaps you people just don't understand how disrespectful this is to that writer. These people are my friends. The comment section it's to show your appreciation for what you've just read, do you people even read the posts? I only ask this question because some of these opportunists don't even mention the piece. One specific person followed 10000 people just to get 2500 to follow them back and they haven't even written one piece. Some actually have the gall to say I reposted you so please come subscribe to my YouTube channel, as if we owe them something for a repost. Using the comments section to promote anything rather than support and show appreciation for the writer is extremely rude and disrespectful, not to mention it's against Mirakee's terms of use.

    And while I'm at it, please stop telling people that you admire their work and can get them published in some kind of book, this is also marketing and it does Not Belong In Someones comment section! And again, some of these opportunists even tell you that I reposted you so please come and subscribe to my YouTube channel.