• scribbles_of_azkiyah 22w

    Tbh when i saw this daily challenge of story/poem writing by miraquill first thing that came to my mind was frank Ocean
    "No friends ,no enemies , we're just strangers with some memories"

    We meet people,
    Oh yeah we do!
    And rarely one day you meet,
    A person and fall in love isn't it true'?
    A stranger who feels like peace,
    And is the oxytocin responsible ?
    Having art of heart seize?
    The stranger who comes,
    And you feel like bloom,
    The stranger who once was peace,
    And becomes the reason of your gloom!
    The stranger who temporarily becomes your better half,
    And ruins your life and you die on his/her behalf !
    So what remains,
    No friends,No enimies,just strangers with some memories!
    © Scribbles_of_azkiyah


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    Who felt like peace!