• spokenthrough 16w

    The rest of me is necessity
    To the recipe of what's left of us.

    There's a test in you to seek all that is true
    Of what's best to do...

    Now, what is to become of that?

    To live freely, In loving memory,
    Is a distant reminisce of what is meant to be.

    Finding heaven no better place than within the love and compassion
    We hold in our hearts.

    Under the wings of eternity guidance can be found.

    A true master of the elements knows,
    If not all elements are conquered at once, than each element has infinite potential.

    Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, and the Space they fill are the exact same things that you me and everyone else are made of.

    So you must first master yourself.
    Then you conquer the universe


    #revised #univers #heaven #love #conquer

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