• tessapoetessa 65w

    Do what it takes

    We live
    Trying to give
    And then we forgive
    All those who have made mistakes
    We do what it takes
    To make
    With those who are true friends
    And then we begin
    To heal
    And feel
    What is real
    And what is false
    Learning at all cost
    To only trust
    The light
    Which is right
    With no fright
    Or fight
    Taking flight
    Loving with all our might
    And our hearts
    And our souls
    As we know
    That our energy
    Is in the right direction
    Which is up
    In the sky
    As we fly
    And soar
    Up into the clouds
    Screaming outloud
    As we raise above
    Flying together
    me a dove
    You born of fire
    My Phoenix
    My love