• rocker4keeps 29w

    Take me back just a few years just to her time capsule,to my memory tomb
    Stored so meticulous, polished, neatly folded and encased
    A simpler time where everything was extensively defined with details crystalicly stipulated
    To that warm embrace,to her pure energy that just draws anyone for just a peek .
    Her truthful ora that just puts you at ease , that just assures you solace
    everything that she does so real and pure ,one would think it was fantasy
    So odd that so much candour makes home in a transitory situation... Huh
    Definitely keeps you honest to your beliefs,goals and promises and doesn't take crap from anyone
    She blows over every situation without permission because she has no constrains
    How does a small person just fill your whole existence, gives you purpose ?
    She said "give me the truth and I will accord to you anything you desire"
    Time disapproves your whole expectations that she institutes.
    Live by what you put worth to, for when it comes to it, peace of mind trumps accomplishments.

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    Peace in her