• timothyvs 32w

    Shadows on the Curtains

    You came back!
    I saw your shadow against the curtain,
    Was I afraid like the first time?
    No, Cause now I had accepted what my
    Fate was going to be.
    You came back!
    I saw your shadow against the curtains,
    You were dressed in your slick silk robe,
    Holding out your hack saw -
    Grim Reaper you are,
    Ready for a fight - but I didn't have the
    If my time had been moved up in the
    Circle of Life,
    then I just have to accept that,
    You never gave me a chance to say
    Goodbye - head clean off the body
    like a well eaten bone.
    I wouldn't say that this is a fitting way to
    Go - frankly I still wanted to say goodbye
    To the ones I love.
    Shadows on the Curtains,
    they come creeping in surrounding the
    Bed waiting on opportunity to strike the
    Fatal Blow that will end his misery -
    For he had been suffering for too long,
    Maybe now he will also become a
    Shadow on the Curtains.