• daphnae 42w


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    Love is not magic but the random lines you said to me in a conversation which grips my mind on random sundays while watching myself smile to the mirror or the sky. Caressing the eclipsed corner of the moon, I pluck words you gifted me: to make it know how it feels to be incomplete and admired, flawed and loved, scarred and appreciated. I gasp at how you take me to the highest of clouds. This is how I know that after you leave nothing ever will be enough. One day, when they would offer me the whole world, even then i would look at the stars i lost you among and smile. A smile screaming at their faces how you are always enough, beside me or not. Love is not magic but the way your eyes escape my grip, then curving up the corners of your lips into a smile I would die over and over again to watch. How everytime I replay that moment, I feel myriads of stars which I outgrew inside my ribcage sing in collision.

    The way you've listened to me: like no one else ever did, made me want to be myself after ages of trying to fit into this unworthy world and standards. The times when we can't be with each other,. I don't complain about them. 'Cause you make me feel like I've had more than enough while I still yearn for you at the same time. But every moment with you feels like an overwhelming lifetime. You make me go around the world in minutes, discover myself like I've always wanted to. You wait for me, and this whole time I just know that I have found the real person. Like other lovers, I won't complain you coming late into my life because we both know how perfect was the time when I first fell into your arms.

    The things you say, the way you say it- you make forever seem so simple and true. And it always seems as if I'm someone you know like the back of your hand. The songs that you just send to me out of the blue, the love songs or the songs which describes 'her' like the most beautiful, delicate thing in this world. Apart from your arms, i dwell in those- with all of my heart warm and full. And at that moment, I crave all alone to get this delicate just so I could match the lyrics but also because I know you'll hold me with little more love and never let me break. And this is how, I love you a little more with every piece of my heart you put back into shape.