• _smiley_ 133w

    Are we ever truly Ready?

    I see everything.
    All around me.
    Love and laughter.
    Grief and tears.

    I have a bird's eye view.
    Of lives and people.
    Watching it all.
    Playing out.
    Not involved.

    Now I sit here.
    Turning the words over.
    Analysing them.
    All bothered.

    And then it crashes.
    The big question.
    Seeing so many people.
    At different life stages.
    Can I ever imagine?
    Being there. In their shoes?

    What if.....
    I were the next.
    To be fired?
    To be married off?
    To be misrepresented?
    To be betrayed?

    Will I ever be ready?
    To take it in.
    To fight it off.
    Or even be numb?
    To not feel it all.
    To live through everything.

    Can anyone answer?
    Tell me.
    That one indicator.
    Saying assuredly.
    That you, my woman!
    Go get 'em!!