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    I love you.

    Its alright if you ask me to be only friends. Then I want to be your best friend. I want to make you smile or to be precise make you laugh harder. I want to hold your hand forever. I want to take you on a ride. I want to take you to places where we could share our minds and souls. I want to be there for you on every step. I want to hear your pain and share it and cure it. I want to fulfill all your dreams and make you happier than ever every single day. I don't want a committed relationship I just want your friendship. I want to grow old with you and sit on a pool side with a cup of coffee our legs dipped into water. I want to make you feel special every now and then. I want you as a guide and advisor. I want to get beaten up and pampered too by you. What I loved in you is your company and not your body. But being honest what I expect from you is a kiss on my cheeks when I am upset.

    I don't want the 'BF' tag but I need the 'BFF' tag instead. Because BF tag would change if we happen to marry but BFF tag can never change.

    But whenever in life you feel for me like I do, don't hesitate just tell me. Trust me the ME that loves you will be standing right here waiting for you through out this life and if there's life after death then there too.

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