• hannaabideen 19w


    Many a time young Romeo Montague,
    Petrarchan lover in the heart of audience
    Chose poetry over Fighting words

    O Romeo! Orchard garden might have said
    'You are going to steal the jewel I used to stare'.
    And he would not have listened.

    Verona whispered verses of love
    But turned out the downfall of Juliet Capulet
    That hath hidden in the playlist of time

    Petals of red roses fascinated the lover
    Love, love and love..
    Not roses but thorns gifted by the death!

    That was hard to part the young beloved lady
    He longed for her warm lips and swallowed poison
    Wasn't worse poison to reach heaven with her.

    Leaves of evergreen frantoio olive trees
    Witnessed she plunging the dagger to her breast
    Loyalty rose closely to the prince of love!


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