• leezylnyambura 146w

    Suicidal note

    I'm no longer at peace
    The demons inside me are fighting
    They want me to commit suicide
    They want me to disappear
    I can no longer fight them
    I have no more strength
    I can no longer do this on my own
    I have tried telling you mama
    I have tried telling you papa
    I have tried telling you sister
    I have tried telling you brother
    But no one seems to see me suffer
    You all think am the same with the smile on my face
    Why don't you all see the pain in my eyes
    The pain in my heart and soul
    The cry in my darkness that won't let the light pass through
    Am angry with life
    Am more angry with me
    Am not the same daughter that you raised
    Am no longer the same sister you knew
    Am no longer the fighter who fought for her dreams
    But a looser who can't even fight death
    What's the use of me being alive
    When i can't even have anything
    I quit fighting
    I quit hoping all will be well
    Coz nothing will be
    I quit
    I give up
    But don't blame yourself for my death
    Don't blame yourself for me not being around anymore
    When you read this note
    I might be dead or alive in a solitary place
    Don't search for me please
    For i will be at peace
    But always remember i did this for me
    And mama you raised me well
    Papa you never failed with your teaching
    Sister you were my best friend
    Brother you were my strongest pillar
    I was weak and not strong please forgive me
    I was not a great daughter nor sister