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    D'ya have a headache?
    Maybe you should pop a paracetamol.

    Have you been feeling hungry?
    Maybe you should try something delicious.

    Have you been feeling dejected lately?
    Maybe you should get some needed help.

    Have you been sick of the world, altogether?
    Maybe you should sleep it all out.

    And if you've been feeling all four?
    Maybe you should read a poem, first!



    Before we start telling you the criteria and the structure for posting and reposting content, we'd like to give a little backstory to our page name first.

    We suck at naming things and we're not at all shy to admit it. After loads and loads of experimenting with Greek-Irish-Japanese Pinterest-worthy words, and failing to give 'em our kinda meaning to it; we wanted something simple and elegant. Maybe with a punch of humour. We moved on to recalling book references, our favourite songs and movies for inspiration, anything that'd give us an edge. Alas, we'd suddenly forgotten all the books and movies and songs we'd ever loved. Relatable, right?
    Yep, we laughed on our helplessness too.

    In just a matter of seconds, our frenzy thought process went like --
    "oh oh think of a book name"
    "idk man��"
    "oh oh what book are you currently reading rn" to
    "oh oh it's 'Maybe You Should Talk To Someone' by Lori Gottlieb"
    then directly to
    "is 'maybeyoushouldreadapoem' is a good enough name"

    We took a second each,
    and chuckled a little louder in realization.
    It hit.
    Humour, sass, sweetness, and most importantly, a very good piece of advice!


    We absolutely love it. What about you guys?


    Coming to the what happens on the page, we'd love being transparent. Here's how each thing would go:

    CRITERIA: As mentioned already in (@hayat_'s) most recent post;
    Structurally, none at all! Prose, poetry, stories. However long or short. (If it's a story in parts, it can be nominated after it's been entirely completed).
    Anything and everything that's creative/fresh/insightful/original/witty/has good imagery etc etc qualifies!
    In no way does it have to be popular enough, or concentrated around hot-topics only. The idea is to give a platform that appreciates quality content, without any other qualifiers.
    We'd love all the help we can get so we'd really appreciate if y'all will take time and tag us in pieces you think are good enough.
    NOTE: The tags do not have to be only on new or most recent pieces. Go ahead and pick up your favourites, however old or new and let us know which ones they are. We'd be more than happy to read and share them.
    Go easy on us though since mirakee notifications can be accommodated only upto a limit. So be selective. Tag us only on the ones you really think are good.

    Just so everything plays fair, we've divided the content we'd read in two parts--
    1. The tagged content.
    2. Individually explored content.

    Both of us will alternate reading content between those two sections, meaning one day it's Srishti (@thegreymetaphor)'s turn to read the tagged content and Hayat (@hayat_)'s to explore individually; the next day, vice versa).
    In the end one of the two pieces will be chosen to go on the Instagram page.

    The other piece, you ask? 'cause it'll be no less awesome right?!
    We'll repost it here from our (@maybeyoushouldreadapoem) Mirakee account so it's more accessible for everyone to read, and also post a screenshot of it on our insta story.

    We'd put up both the Mirakee and Insta usernames of the Writers in our insta stories and posts, so they get their due recognition and appreciation! Please make an effort to appreciate both the pieces, won't ya?

    The posting and reposting time on Insta and Mirakee, respectively, would be around 4-5 PM IST.

    Also, since we prioritize consent, the reads of today will be posted tomorrow, so that both of us, the readers and the writers of the pieces, have an adequate 24 hour period to ask for consent and respond. And in a case where somebody would be unwilling for whatever reasons, no questions asked; for us to read some more and look for another.

    Feel absolutely free to drop us any queries, suggestions, feedback, anything in the comment section. We'll make sure we answer each one of you, we promise.

    Thankyou, really, for all the love and trust you selflessly bestow on us, can you see us crying through the screens? Trust me, we are. :''))

    Your very own Pastel Ladies,
    Srishti (@thegreymetaphor)
    Hayat (@hayat_)


    If you can, tag your acquaintances in the comments below, we'd genuinely appreciate you spreading the word.

    We hope you guys help us build the same community spirit on Instagram, too. Our Instagram handle link will always be in our bio. :)

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