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    After reading The Fox and the Crow.

    In the name of vanity, you throw all caution to the wind and happily feast on poisoned apples even if you know there's no such thing as free lunch.

    The mirror is a liar with a poker face.
    You don't see what's coming your way because your bangs is in the line of your sight. But it doesn't bother you at all because you think you look and feel great with it.
    You've been told more than a dozen times that
    there's a danger in trusting somebody
    a little bit too much, but on the night it rained flattery, you were wide awake holding a pail and a bucket.
    Flattery is your Achilles heel.
    When it falls on your lap, every ounce of common sense left in your pockets flies out of the window faster than a scared Sparrow.

    You say you'll just cross the bridge when you get there. But what if it's a hanging bridge and you have an awful fear of heights?
    What if there's no bridge? What if it's not a bridge but a zip line? What if it's a dead-end?
    What if it's a trap? What if it's a scam?

    Too much appetite slash hunger for validation may not kill you yet it doesn't mean that you can ignore warning bells the way you ignore traffic lights.
    It's human nature, you say.
    Your life, your rules? To each his own?
    Well, maybe but here's the bad news.
    Regret is a traitor that will kiss you in the end.
    Enjoy the flattery but never get carried away.

    #fable that looks like a twisted fairy tale. haha.
    @writersnetwork I heart you .��✨

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    In the name of vanity,
    flattery might blow you away.

    Never get carried away.