• writing_forever 19w

    I trust you
    Cause i do
    All my confidence on you
    Isn't enough
    When I laugh
    With you
    Do you not trust me ...?!
    I believe... believe.... believe
    That you can arrive whatever you want
    Do you not trust me...?!
    I believe... believe... believe
    That you can make all your dreams come true
    Did you not trust me yet?
    Please don't say yes
    I believe... believe.... believe
    That you can change the world in your liking
    Even you fall down in the digging
    Just don't let hopelessness grow dark your eyes
    Your vision
    You have only to see very well
    Yes, it's me
    M there existing for you
    My hand extended to you
    So hold it for that it be more easy to
    Take you out of your darkness and help you
    Until you stand up on your feet ,so
    That means if you descend one step,
    Be sure you will ascend two steps

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    'Unknown love reason'

    Who can tell me what is this song about and its story
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