• _scas_ 51w


    i knew it was going to be hot tonight
    when you kept my hand on your thigh
    as we sat next to each other
    in that hotel-restaurant
    surrounded by people.
    i knew you wanted me to explore
    and explore, i did
    when my hand glided inwards
    caressing your flesh, tickling it
    while my finger traced your entrance
    over your already wet lingerie.
    i rubbed my finger over and over
    just to tease you, and maybe
    to show you what awaits
    as i sided your panties in a moment
    to touch your naked womanhood
    only to insert a finger in.
    i knew you wanted to be used that night
    and your wish was my command.
    you realized that i was not going to stop
    and tell me honestly, did you even want me to?
    because i remember your eyes going crazy
    giving me all the approval i wanted.
    you whispered your room number in my ear
    and i could see the lust in your eyes,
    as could you in mine.
    you set your clothes back
    for you did not want anyone to know
    the side of yours
    that i was going to explore that night.
    i set off to your room
    and knocked twice
    only for you to open the door
    completely naked
    without an ounce of shame
    for we both knew what you wanted that night
    and i was going to give it to you.
    as i entered the door, and closed it behind me
    my palm was on your neck, choking you
    you only smiled, for i knew you liked it
    and then i leaned for a kiss
    as you went forward to kiss my lips
    i inserted two of my fingers to explore your insides
    sending a jolt up your spine
    for i was not going to kiss you just yet
    for you need to earn that. or perhaps i did.
    as i got my fingers out, i picked you up
    and threw you on the bed
    for you were going to be used that night
    and you knew it. you wanted it.
    i took off my shirt, as you pounced on my pants
    for it held something you wanted to hold
    and before you knew it, it was out.
    as you were exploring it with your fingers
    i opened your mouth for me to use
    and got down to business
    with my prick in your mouth
    all the way to the throat
    leaving you to gag on it.
    your hair were in my one hand
    helping me bob your head
    while my other hand choked your neck
    while i made sure you remember how my tool tasted.
    your eyes were wet already, with tears running down
    but i knew that you did not want me to stop
    i knew this is what you wanted
    when i saw those lusty eyes.
    i whispered degrading names to you
    which i knew turned you on
    nobody had used you like this before me
    and i was going to make sure that you never
    ever forget that night.
    i then let my prick out
    while your tears mixed with your make-up
    and the cum dripping from your mouth.
    i pushed your head back
    to lie on your back
    as i kissed your nipples ever so gently
    only to play with the right one with my tongue
    while the left one was pinched and slapped.
    i kissed your navel
    while my fingers were inside you yet again
    leaving you to moan, and trying to grab the bed sheet
    that was going to be in your shape in some time.
    as i reached your wet clit,
    i blew on it, just to give you goosebumps
    to play with that inner slut in you
    as i started licking and eating it.
    i knew you liked it, for my head was
    wrapped between your thighs
    as they started to shiver when you came
    prompting me drink what was yours.
    as i got up from between your legs
    wet on the mouth
    you had the look every man longs to see
    but you see, i was not done yet.
    when you least expected it
    my legs were between yours
    and i was in you
    prompting you to scream with pleasure
    while i did the dirty talking in your ears.
    you asked me not to stop
    and lucky for you, i had no intention
    as i got up from over you
    to raise your legs on my shoulders
    making me explore you even deeper
    and then your legs shivered again
    i knew what that was
    for i had hit your g-spot
    but was i done?
    i turned you around
    and held you back from your arms
    letting your breasts sway with every stroke
    while you filled the room with your moans.
    i held your hair back as well
    while i went as fast as i could
    and when i knew that you were going to shiver again
    and this time with an even more intensity
    for the way i held you
    i pushed your head in the bed
    as you let out yours, as did i
    for now, finally i was done
    and you took a breath of relief.
    you slept on the spot
    for now you were tired.
    with a wet towel, i cleaned you up
    and then tucked you neatly in the blanket
    as i laid next to you
    with my arm over, hugging you
    not with lust this time, but with love.


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