• _unsaidtalks 49w

    A voice for the voiceless people in this pandemic:-

    The birth and the survival of a virus,
    Dumbed the voice of various,
    These 'various' are a bridge,
    Between the service and the served ones,
    Yet, these 'various' are forced to take the path of helplessness,
    From a healthy smile ,
    To a healthy plate,
    They suffer till they are 'late',
    I, you and we can be the voice of these survivers,
    Who were always ready to walk down the lane,
    Of hard work for the entire countrymen,
    To see them she'd tears ,
    And walk back home with a bunch of fears,
    Is a thorn sharp enough to pierce,
    The lost humanity among so many 'I, you and we',
    Either shout ,or be a choir,
    For these voiceless people and their countless served dinner,
    Let's lend them a helping hand,
    To eliminate the painful pandemic's band .