• lovenotes_from_carolyn 8w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    In a time long passed
    That few now know
    The sun grew boastful
    Of her glow

    To the moon each night
    She was told to submit
    But to this, her ego
    Would not permit

    By morn and onward
    She'd cast her rays
    Emblazing mankind's
    Nights and days

    Never once making way
    For the luminous moon
    So the world could sleep
    And lovers could swoon

    Proud, she was
    Of her celestial fire
    That all the Earth
    Did praise and admire

    But a fool she was
    To brag all about
    For there came such a day
    When her fires went out

    Furious was she
    When she came to grips
    And learned that she
    Had been eclipsed!

    A lesson hard learned
    But one she learned quick
    If she shined for too long
    She'd become weak and sick

    And the moon would eclipse her
    With all of its might
    For the sun rules the day
    But the moon rules the night

    Thus she banished her ego
    Thereafter forever
    For none shine alone
    We all shine together.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 10/3/2021

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