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    Lipos ng pag-ibig, tila ngayo'y nanlalamig.
    Sa kalaliman ng gabi'y hindi man lamang naka-idlip,
    Pag-ibig na dati'y yanong init,
    Ngayo'y unti-unti nang pumapait.
    Bakit tila yata nagbago't naglaho?
    Pinipintakasing pag-irog ngayo'y lumalabo.
    Mayroon na bang bago?
    O sadyang wala lang talagang tayo?
    Pagka't noong una pa lamang ay walang ikaw at ako.

    "Bakit ka nagbago? Mayroon na bang bago?"
    — Mia Palencia

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    You and Me

    Full of love, your love now is getting colder.
    In the depths of the night I can't fall into a deep slumber.
    Love that used to be so warm, slowly getting bitter and fades away.
    Why does it have to change and disappear this way?
    The love that I've ever dreamed of, it's fading.
    Do you have someone new,
    Or is it just me who dreams that I can be with you?
    For you and me doesn't really exist from the very beginning —
    it's a tale that'll never come true.