• nafeelsbadman 45w


    the restless rampant thoughts of her promises
    come crashing down,
    the way she lured
    showed me the nectar of cure.
    the moment i first touched love,
    cosmic horror, a fleeting blink.
    denial of what was,
    gnawing inside of me
    crossing the crossroads of whether 
    i want her or not.

    scrolling through skeletons, 3 at night
    her turning up; missing me, a fantasy-
    heart heavy, like a welcoming pain,
    a story unfinished.
    deep regret, over the emptiness that will stay,
    an unattached attachment strolling underneath.
    she felt close... the familiar territory of agony
    cleansed from her sins this full moon
    staring dressed in all purple

    Regrets line up frivolously, under shade
    tears brimming against them,
    mixing, conjoining a cocktail of 
    false happiness
    an unapologetic goddess descended,
    hightened vantage-
    pure love, heart and soul devotee
    a crude disadvantage

    Dreams are the reel,

    My eyelids, the canvas.