• ehimen 8w

    Hey guys, something deep. I hope it brings some help. #inspiration #life

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    Feels unreal, yet very real
    You could even touch it if you tried hard enough
    How did you get here?
    What made you this person? One may ask
    But alas, there's no answer to these questions
    Why not bother more on how to escape the grip of this facade?
    Why not pour your focus into the light that stands right out that window
    Hold on to something real, something somewhat believable..
    Let it go
    Let it go
    It will draw you into it's depth of misery if you keep holding on
    You may loose your sense of reality, oh no..
    Do not let it in
    Do not let it see what you hold dear
    hide your heart
    keep it away from this ugly thing that lurks behind the shadows
    Don't hold on
    Live on!!