• wordzaddictz_ 83w

    I have been like hell lately
    And I really need you

    I need you because you're the only one
    Who can cheer me up

    I know am hard to deal with sometimes
    But please don't give up on me and leave me..

    I don't know how or when
    You crept slowly in my life

    All I know I you have become one precious gem
    That I never want to lose in my life

    You been with me in all my ups and downs
    Am scared of losing you even in my thoughts

    I hope we stay the same forever
    I hope we don't fade away

    I want you to be happy
    Be it with or without me

    Also I miss you
    Let me correct that *I miss us

    Best friends stick to each other till the end
    They are that straight line that will never bend

    I'll be there for you when your down
    I'll be there for you when you frown
    I'll be there for you when you smile


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