• shadowcon 60w

    Why I'm still loving you?
    Why I'm still thinking about you?
    You broke my heart
    It's paining but i still want you,
    Is this the pain of broken heart?
    Is this your payment for my true love?
    I trusted you, it's not right to play with the feelings
    I wish I could have the time turner so i would go back to the moments when I'm with you
    You made me at the same time you made me to disappear
    I'm the broken soul, every time I close my eyes i can only see you
    It kills me, why you have done this to me?
    The broken heart will never replaced by the glue amd the fake love
    I'm more like a soft feather which is falling apart so lonely
    I'm alone in our love castle with the broken pieces
    In my dark room i only see yourface
    It's paining like a hell but i can't get rid of it. ...
    I'm the lonely broken soul i wish i could be strong for the deed you have done to me.
    A lonely rose in the garden full of cactus . I thought love is platinum
    But you made me to feel it's a copper . Love is dangerous for you whom play with the true feelings . Pain it's a love's stain remaining in my heart.

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    Broken soul