• amie_madekar 45w


    Excessive of anything is bad ,
    About bad many less want to really talk that's sad.
    Addiction is a disorder of person's mental status to uncontrollable any habbit,
    Humans don't accept honestly they are just running like a rabbit,
    Relax & Read a book name hobbit .
    Addiction is like a termite to the society which makes person hollow from inside,
    To quite it one need support system by their side,
    If I am to make even one person quit addiction so of that person I will be very pride.
    Life without addiction is beautiful,
    So make use of it full,
    Addictions make it null.
    I appeal all my friends and family to understand the addicted ones and support them to quit it for their own benefit,
    That will definitely even make them more fit,
    Don't just think and sit,
    Let's just join hands together and remove this malice of the society and become hit,
    Save people falling into dangerous death pit,
    After the addicted person's death their families life become shit,
    Especially if that person is the head of the family without them Life won't lit.
    Amie Madekar
    Ig - amiemadekar