• umorok 7w

    Abstract Void

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    In today's wide sky, I found yesterday's slumber comfortably entwined with tomorrow's dreams.
    I was only a pause in time before consciousness took upon itself and nudged me to walk forward with time.
    My so-called vast 'knowing' of things shrunk infinitesimally as I learn more of things that I actually don't know about.
    Words halted mid-sentence as exclamations in my mind carried me to a whole new dimension forcing me to cast off the fetters of these words, so definitive and concrete.
    Fading away to anonymity entices me with a giddiness as time and again I learn that I came from nothing and I know nothing.
    From void I set off, holding void within, to void I travel.
    This moment of truth makes no sense with words, never will. Just being present in it, witnessing it in it's momentary infinite glory is the only subtle truth.
    Feel the presence of you in time, here and now.