• waitaminute 29w

    Quandary in chosing roads,
    Staying apart from quacks and frauds,
    I lost my map after one look,
    I am in mid in my journeybook
    Paths are not straight,
    Puzzled and criss crossed but I can't wait,
    It's like a networks of nerves in our bodies,
    Like many places arterial anastomoses,
    I got panic and sat,
    I don't know what to do this or that,
    I asked people about right path,
    Listening to their fath,
    I followed them but none accompanied me till last,
    My heart pumped fast,
    I am almost lost in ways,
    It went like this for many days,
    And then I heard a voice, "journey is yours, paths are yours and you seek others for cures, they will guide you won't take you till end, you ain't lost just need to amend, just deep breath and you will be on way my friend, "
    I tried to recall that last look of map,
    Slow and slow I began to come out of trap,
    I asked for help but just hints,
    But I didn't follow their foot prints,
    Your journey may be similar to someone but not same,
    And gradual my destination came.

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