• knives_and_pens 200w

    Cold frozen hands lifted the pens atlast.
    In the hope of etching something on the stones.
    Cause the wamrth of your arrival can be felt to the core.
    That has relieved me from tons of desperations and melted my stiff bones.
    A couple of moments left.
    When i would be in your arms again.
    When we would rejoice all the those moments that we stacked holding the hands of imagination.
    Your arrival with the winters seems a happy ending drama.
    When your little one touch would send me back to that warm spring that we had spent together some months ago.
    With your arrival, i won't be dependent on your pictures anymore whom i used to gaze all through those endless nights.
    The nightingales would disappear in the dense fogs now.
    But still i would sing a melody of the homecoming for you.
    Your tender red wine lips would kiss my soul.
    And i would be freed from the prison of distances too.
    Poetries are too boring to describe.
    Want to cry like a baby boy and not make it much lame.
    Cause when you'll stand in front of me at the footpath.
    Placing your head on my chest, i would whisper, darling! Finally you came.

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    Not fond of distances since you left me at the door.
    Pulses are racing fast as the zeal in my soul is indicating something indescribable.
    May snowflakes shower at the horizon and bringing you close within my arms reach.
    Standing under that same lamppost , a long warm hug would make all my worries lovable.