• plushie 61w

    To You

    Always sweet and kind,
    never expected by my side.
    To an unsecure soul,
    You made sure to stay close.

    Forgiving my faults, you quietly remain, making me know, you're here to stay.
    Ones you don't find everyday,
    Rare and unique, an uncommon gem.

    'Cause I care about you,
    A special gift it is,
    Rare oportunity wad given,
    I know I ain't good enough,
    Never open too much but,
    Good moments will come in every moment we talk.

    Lovely and shy, you're
    Open & honest, never pretend,
    with a heart like that,.
    Understanding and kind.
    I'll be next to you,
    Smiling and laughing, supporting and helping every moment, till the very end.