• dipsisri 6w

    Be careful when you're falling for a writer.

    Be careful when you fall in love with me because I will write everything you'll make me feel.
    Be careful if you give me pain cause I may turn them into verses of poetries.
    Be careful if you are loving me I can write those words which are just inside your head and you've never said.
    Be careful when you are falling for a girl who can talk to moon for hours about you,
    A girl who can write infinite words for you,
    A girl who can compare your smile with the worlds seven wonders,
    A girl who can describe about you in the most romantic way possible.
    How your eyes are like the deepest ocean in which she wants to get drowned,
    How your hairs are like the soft paint brushes with she'll paint love for you,
    How your hands hold the warmth of care,
    How your one captivating smile melts her like a chocolate in sunlight?
    Be careful when you are hurting me because I don't hurt people I will just write about the sadness you gave me till my last breath.
    Be careful of what I feel for you because I may never tell you,
    I'll just turn you into my muse.
    Be careful when you're having conversation with me,
    I may turn your words into stories,your voice into a melodious song, your love into a poetry.

    Writer's don't only love they live with their love.❤


    Ps:- It is dangerous and fascinating to love a writer at the same time.Got me?

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    Be careful when you're falling for a writer.