• angika_singh 78w

    It legit feels like a whole different type of concoction. Recovery seems to be a temporary fix and I could see the end. — AS

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    Noone Understands!

    The fake smiles, the concealed lies;
    The freakish whys, the hidden shies;
    It's just no one understands.
    What I come up with is exactly who I am.
    The steamed problems that come up to me,
    It's just part of my life and I do understand.
    The depressing thoughts that kill me inside,
    It's just that no one understands.
    Why it's me who gets hapless,
    When the time comes to prove.
    I have got the thing in my core,
    It's just that no one perceives.

    The days are passing by and the time is running on.
    The guilt which is consuming me is still not gone.
    The panic, the stress, the provoking thoughts are what that tortures.
    The tussle which is going inside me seems perpetual,
    For it's just the sign of what I've become.
    I am dying every bit as the thoughts are
    crunching my soul.
    Everything looks fair from the outside but
    there're things that no one knows.
    What I only want to terminate is that,
    Today I am here, tomorrow maybe not.