• the_floating_mind 44w

    I had a great experience regarding animal rescue. So I thought why not to share it with you guys.
    We rescued one of the precise bird today. I would not give a name because it involves law and order. One common fallacy is that veterinary doctors are not as respected as human doctors. People often neglect them as if they are not important for society. ભેંસનો ડોક્ટર! But they have successfully resuscitated a precious bird. Apart from this, there are some people whom you are never going to hear from any news or social media, Sachin Bhai, who has been doing volunteer work for many years without expecting a penny from it. When I called, he was having dinner. In that case, he could have said like 'I am busy or I am out of town'. But, he came as soon as possible and was with us till surgery. He is getting nothing out of it except, of course, the blessing of people. So happy doctor's day and one thing I learn, the world is full of great people if you observe with this perspective. #thoughts #inspiration #life

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