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    Wax and Wane
    I sit on the sill of the window you used to climb into as I stare up at the moon that lit many a night of ours.
    The ruminations crash into me.
    Oh Quacey! The times we had!

    The Waxing Of The Moon
    So, he climbed in. Quacey a tall wiry boy, nine, jumped onto my window sill and came into my room. I… I didn’t scream. And from that day onwards, not even industrial machines could separate us. We went to school together, we went to the swimming pool together, we went dog-walking together, we spent the night together, heck, the neighbourhood thought we would have babies together (which we thought was rather boorish for them to say)
    Even though we were attached to the hip, I knew we wouldn’t get married. We loved each other, and our friendship was iron-clad. Romance was never in the cards. We were friends for so long, we had forgotten about the world outside of us.
    But, we had grown. We had a major falling-out when we were seventeen. He had asked me if we were too invested in each other. Hurt, I had asked if he had any qualms about it. He had shook his head no, and said, “Amaris, I love you.” His eyes told me that the love he had for me was a hundred miles away from platonic.
    I got terribly scared. Love of the real kind scared me. I loved my mother. And, she was dead.

    I ran away.


    The In-Between
    He brought me back, patiently. He said to forget this happened. I did, gladly. The brain is good at blocking out bad memories. The next morning, he met her..... and as he began to wax eloquent about her, our bond began to wane.

    The Waning Of The Moon
    And now you walk into my room, through the front door no less, a glaring reminder of our lunar past, and the excruciating present, and when you give me that same sad smile, I know our connection has waned like the moon. But in my heart, I know, as long as the moon shines through, our connection, whatever it is called, shall remain as immortal as the craters. You are marrying another tomorrow, her name is Solana – the Sun and I get it, I do. I see why you’d prefer sunlight. But I also know, when you will need the cold comfort of the moon, you’ll come back to me......
    Because, our names? They represent the moon.

    Fun facts: Quacey is a Scottish name. Amaris and Solana are Spanish names.

    Inspired by the challenge @lovenotes_from_carolyn hosted. It is not an entry, but it gave me an idea to use names as a central plot

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    Wax and Wane