• sagarghodkhande 112w

    Actually I am not a Good Dreamer. But I am a Best Doer.

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    Am I disappointed that I haven't gotten more done by now.
    Yes. I feel disappointed.
    but it's good about me that I have always backup plan.
    I want to tranform it into Inspiration. but, I think it's too late. so what was already happened with me I cant changed. because I can't Travel Back in time. but I can Travel Forward with renewed upgraded Determination. Somebody always said me,"Remind that it's never too late to make a positive Difference."
    Every Sunrises gives me opportunities to act, to achieve, to set things right, to move forward. If I know I can have done more, now it's my time to do it. Allow fresh, New Energy to well up within me and put that energy to Immediate use. I'm 23 old now and Some time has already passed. but Question is What I was doing. Why & How I was waste my 23 year. then I got a Answer,"I was not waste my Time. I was invest my TIME for good purpose." it means Time is now becoming available. I want to make my choice to use that time wisely, Productively, purposefully. My past disappointment push me to act that I wont be disappointed again. I can get it done and now is when.
    I can choose
    to live in harmony what I value and appreciate.
    I can choose
    to be purposeful, persistant and effective.
    I can choose
    a life of goodness and fulfillment.
    I can choose.
    so I choose Happiness of People.
    Others will attempt to convince me that I am unable to choose what's best for me.
    Yet I know Better.
    I know that I have a choice in every moment. I have to grab it. If my Life proceeds according to the way I choose to live it.
    So I Choose to live it with