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    A Short Story- Life Lesson

    One Saturday evening I went to my English class and was reading a newspaper which was kept on the table. As all the students didn't arrive by that time, the class didn't start yet. I along with three other girls and four boys was sitting there. Suddenly, sir took away the newspaper and tore a part of it and then returned it to me. As he was my teacher I didn't ask him what the problem was but he said by himself that the torn portion had the news which would have effected me adversely. I understood that it had the news of a rape case. But on that day after all the forty students had arrived what he said was something which should have been taught to each and everyone. I think if this teaching had been taught to all the teenagers then the problem of "rape" would have reduced a lot.He said:
    "We all are equal. Being a boy or a girl doesn't make us supreme. If a girl is alone, being boys you should not think that the girl is your object and have no right to harm her. World doesn't exist only because of one gender. Hence all the genders need to respected and your deeds should be ethical and lawful."