• hafeezhmha 35w

    Peer inside the lancet
    of my mind and you will
    see yourself in a denim
    jacket holding a box of
    dark chocolates and
    vesicles of my love letters.
    On the hedge there's a
    swarthy silhouette of a
    diary with dry rose petals
    cloistered under it's old-
    sallow pages

    I Read you
    like i read the
    rousing fiction,
    For thrill and

    I remember how my
    nights echoed with
    your whispers and
    the ecstatic taste
    of cigarette after i
    kissed your lips twice.
    We sipped mocha and
    frappe with a mulberry
    ice cream next to our bed,
    the texture was somewhat
    Gripping and
    Yet a luscious treat.

    Love and lust would flap
    their wings together and
    fly towards the sultry sky
    and we would be in each
    other's arms all over again.
    Dwelling into our own

    I was helpless and
    deluged in the abyss
    of your thoughts right
    from the start.
    I wanted you to melt in my
    arms and paint my lips
    with the finest of your shades.

    So let me have
    one last glass of wine
    before the night falls
    and the beauty fades

    Let me make
    love one more time
    before death calls
    and nothing remains