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    You are not afraid of tattoo. You feel afraid that you will get pain while tattooing is being done on you. And you fear of infections and hygiene. But do you know that, Tattoos can be really painless ? Yes, Permanent tattoos can be painless when you go to an International professional Permanent Tattoo artist !
    She gives a free consultation session where she gives knowledge about Tattoos, Tattoo machine and how its done. And when the tattoo is about to start, Client is knowledgable and is aware of everything.

    I m Radhika K. I am an International Permanent Tattoo Artist. Recognized as a painless Tattoo artist also, by many of my clients. When you don't know about tattoos, come in for a consultation session and after being well aware get tattoo done from me.

    Love yourself and Love your Tattoos and get inked on your skin by me by whatsapp message me by sending your design on my number - 9372412366