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    #Help #Love For Humanity

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    Serve For Humanity

    In india there are 1 crore children who aspire to study, who aspire to make their own future but they unable to do so because their parents cannot afford that much to buy books to their children. So an organisation named "civil beings" is helping to reach out those children who want to study. They have simply planned out an idea in which u can donate ur old unused books.U just have to visit "www.civilbeings.org" u can get all the information about this, and also u can visit "10000books.in" where u will get an option to donate books. The books will be simply collected from ur door.
    Plz u guys also come forward n donate ur books rather than selling them, Plz forward this message in ur whatsapp group n other social networking sites, if u can. U can also repost this message in our mirakee app so that further your followers can also reach out this.. N we must all also remember that KARMA always pays back so when u r giving something good to someone it will definitely come back to u in a good manner.