• delling 131w

    I cross the mirror, the mirror crosses me
    A dried mist from an empty sea
    Brine remains on my lips
    Lost from sunken ships!

    The mirror, O mirror, reflections I can't see
    Is that really? Really me?
    Once there was sweet rosehips
    The boon of drunken trips!

    Dearest mirror; I am you, you are me
    From each other we are not free
    Time wielded like a whip
    The marrs of brinkmanship!

    Sad mirror I can not nev'r ev'r flee
    Three eyes that can not see clearly
    From bottom to the tip
    There must be cracks and chips!

    Lady mirror, filmy fog, can it be
    So unclear? Is this really me?
    Or have I just lost my grip?
    No other page to flip?

    My mirror, my mirror, so cold and hoary
    The last line of the last story
    Quite a storm of a quip
    A last page I must rip!

    Mirror of my mirror, when life does bore me
    Hell's Heav'n is transitory
    Ev'ry drop that you drip
    Ev'ry slide, ev'ry slip!

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    Flames, Felled Rain, Memories