• raghavendran 81w

    A battle between the heart and the mind

    The battle between the heart and the mind is eternal.

    This is a poem about an imaginary battle between the heart and the mind of a sweet lass who often falls in love, only to be deceived, but pays no heed to the advice of the mind and sticks to the dictates of the heart.

    A battle between the heart and the mind.

    Oh! dear heart, I see you are throbbing high,
    I don't know why,
    What makes you do so?
    I would love to know.

    Oh! mind, you are curious ever,
    You claim you have intuitive power,
    Why don't you use it now?
    You are always high-brow.

    I pretended ignorance, I confess,
    I saw what you could not suppress,
    There was a shy smile I could see,
    And I couldn't myself be.

    Don't tease me for god's sake,
    Do understand I am not a fake,
    I am blessed with thinking power,
    While you are emotional as ever.

    Emotion gets the better of you,
    When things go wrong, you rue,
    You never pay heed to my advice,
    It is no less than a vice.

    Oh! please don't go preaching again,
    I know you are always vain,
    You never accept me as your equal,
    But I insist that I am your co-equal.

    Neither am I to you senior,
    Nor at any rate you are my junior,
    Both were born at the same hour
    At the end of a prolonged labour.

    But in character we are different,
    Don't take this as an affront,
    I think before I act
    And you know it is a fact.

    For ever swayed by emotions you are,
    And with me you are always at war,
    You act first and sooner than later regret,
    The pain and the deceit unable to forget.

    Come on, let us come to the point,
    Why don't you consider my viewpoint?
    Both of us are of the same age,
    Let us not in wordy duel engage.

    I know it is the smart looking lad
    Who seems to have made you glad,
    But I feel he is not a true one,
    He seems to be looking for fun.

    Oh! don't be a sceptic for ever,
    I believe him to be an honest lover,
    His words and deeds sound true to me,
    He has pledged true to be.

    Don't be deceived, I warn you,
    You don't seem to have any clue,
    Don't display that injured look,
    I am positive he is a crook.

    I totally believe he is honest,
    And to me he is very dearest,
    Your predictions I do not believe,
    So, me from your sermons relieve.

    Let me go the way I choose,
    Don't my trust in you abuse,
    I won't resile from my stand,
    Nothing will get out of hand.

    How sorry and helpless I am,
    You are deceived by his glam,
    I want you to 'look before you leap'
    Or you may have to weep.

    At this stage, both began to sulk and stopped conversing. So I don't know what happened thereafter.

    Raghav R