• fortae 106w


    I will wet your tongues
    And make you drool
    I might tune your lungs
    To the side of the moon
    Give you the taste of sky so blue
    Then light it up
    Just so it can bloom

    Like a lion in the forest
    I'll let you rule
    But I'll forever be
    The king of your troop
    I will tease you continuously with
    The taste of my love
    And leave you always begging for my warmth
    One touch from me would never be enough
    And forever mine will be all of your attention

    You could break away if you want
    Only problem is, you'll be too lost
    To see it as a choice
    I have engulfed you forever in my arms
    Now there really is nowhere for you to run

    I am what you call Addiction
    The one you turn to every time you are alone
    You let me rule every corner of your mind
    And gave me the power
    To take over all of your heart

    I am what you call you addiction
    And I am well alive in your mind
    Because every time you pick up the thought
    You light the bulb and let me shine
    You refuel the engine so I start to work
    Now it is left for you to run
    Kick me to the curbs and save yourself
    But you keep saying
    "Oh I'm not strong enough"