• official_drmillz 26w


    A journey of 95 minutes,
    intoxicating the green youth of tomorrow
    driving them with joy and great expectation
    Youth applauding and whistling
    falls at an obscure emanated section

    The breeze of passing through Elemere to batholomen and crossing that carnivorous express.
    hearing the songster of the people, *ILORIN*
    meandering like they ain't accomplishing back there.
    Our pretension becomes like that of-Agbabiaka the great cocoa
    The less-- Malete thou we forgot to be our base.

    The jungle it won't be thought-
    For the judging with the cover of a book becomes outmoded.
    Cracking up and rejoicing like Aderonke gave birth to her unborn baby.
    For the moment, the wind changes colour
    becomes darker like the witches in my village
    for once I thought, the end of life is nearer
    the more I think of that, the higher Adebola taps me with a fake smile.

    For once, their great expectation becomes the otherwise
    an advanced Pip seen in them
    crying out with pleasure
    grumbling with confidence
    breaking down with saliva
    but then their things chose not to fall apart.

    Wasteland I will not say,
    But timberland I shall call it,
    making the past nothing
    dreaming out of the present
    hoping for a good exile in the thicket.