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    Dear Mirakeeans,

    As promised we are here with the surprise!
    We have introduced a badge system to recognize your contributions. Go to your profiles and find some awesome badges waiting to be earned. Some of you must have already received some of the badges. Congratulations to all the badge holders. Mirakee is evolving as a medium for expression of thoughts at a global level. We’ve introduced badges to credit your efforts to grow on this platform. Badges are just a means for us to let you know how important you are, so that we grow together as a community and take this interface to a new, higher level.

    Criteria for awarding the badges:

    1. Popular
    A popular Mirakeean has gained an incredible readership for his appreciable work. His writing skill has qualities that appeal to the readers.

    2. Reader

    A reader follows the writers he admires and goes through their work. Mirakee reader follows only those writers whose work he finds worthwhile, not just anyone and actively provides feedback to other users as well.

    3. Admin

    The admin is the most active user of Mirakee who contributes in overall activities such as welcoming new writers, providing feedback to writers on their work, screening reports, encouraging and guiding the writers and curating the content. A Mirakee admin is granted with special privileges needed to regulate and maintain the community.

    4. Sheriff

    The sheriff keeps Mirakee clean by reporting bad content on Mirakee and also, voting correctly on reports. Sheriff needs to remain vigilant towards any kind of unwanted activity.

    There will be more badges added soon. Each of the above badges have levels associated with them. You can find more information about each badge on the badge screen that you can access through your profile.

    On achieving a badge, you are awarded with some Mirakee points. You can view the number of points you possess on the badge screen that you can access through your profile. You can redeem these points to avail additional services that Mirakee might offer in the future. For now, you can measure your growth on Mirakee through your points.
    Badges for iOS users will be available in the near future.

    Comment below about the badges you have received and tell us that you love Mirakee as much as Mirakee loves you! ♥️

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