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    Dedicated to @blooming_fossil
    @murryben thanks for your concern. Yeah my mother is improving day by day. Her oxygen level is normal now. I have joined my duty too.
    @heartsease miss you, darla

    If you love sonnets read here #sonnetz

    Remember when
    We said when we turned gray
    When the children grow up and move away
    We won't be sad, we'll be glad
    For all the life we've had
    And we'll remember when
    - Remember when, Alan Jackson

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    I see the pages of my burning youth
    Blown away lighter than a feather,
    Yes, we've to deal with this bitter truth:
    Birds of a feather, we're in this together.

    The mountain of my arms have gone,
    So are the lovely sunsets of your hair;
    But when our voices have lost their tone
    Let our dying breaths remain one ever.

    Once I used to carry you like a feather
    Now I'm a feather divorced from the flesh;
    I've become so fragile I wonder whether
    I could survive if I land on the softest place.

    I had fallen badly for you in my early spring,
    In my late autumn be my softest place to land.