• rizla_rizla 72w

    Why did I ever thought
    That I could clear the pollution in you?

    I exhale my soul for you
    You inhale my soul for yourself
    You exhale your toxic breath for me
    I inhale your toxic breath for you!

    You were chocking me
    Did you see that?

    You were addicted in Inhaling me
    All for yourself
    Leaving an ashen me
    Filled with your empty words and scars

    Am afraid that I will
    Breath out your toxic air now
    Which you lavishly
    Filled in places in me
    That even i didn't knew existed

    Am afraid that I will
    Inhale someone's soul away
    Like you so lavishly
    Inhaled away from me
    That even i didn't saw it

    But I was wise enough to cut you off
    Before you cut the tree in me
    Because even though
    I let you hurt me
    I knew what a rotten soul you were
    Because you yourself showed it to me!

    Now am smirking at you
    Seeing your craving for me
    Because you were the one
    Addicted to my soul & coveted it
    Because you knew what a rotten one you had!

    What a pity of a reason
    That you even exist!