• rebeljones777 33w

    The Dark Rider

    I've become comfortable
    with my darkness inside
    as has the darkness become comfortable in depressions ride,
    and at times
    it really doesn't seem like
    this sad hidden journey
    will ever come to an end,

    I once even went the extra mile to
    find its end
    and to my surprise
    my attempt at dying
    put me back on my feet and
    gave me a different perspective
    about life and living for
    life truly is a gift and filled with amazing opportunities but...

    Still at times
    I'm dying crying,
    and overwhelmed inside,
    and haunting thoughts of ending this still come around for
    that dark rider still resides
    very much still alive inside,

    so I put a smile on so
    those who know my
    character don't think I have
    any bad feelings inside
    to hide but this
    constant happiness I
    often portray
    is often a lie,
    I have what most want yet
    there's an empty void inside
    filled with negative chatter
    and noise.

    I guess no matter how hard
    you work at
    putting the past behind
    You can never completely hide
    from the darkness and
    its convincing voice that
    just won't fucking die,
    will continue to feed
    your mind with
    terrible fucking lies that
    in time will attempt to
    diminish your inner light,
    your internal source that
    allows you to 
    live your very best life.