• blurryface__14 17w

    Be strong enough to change your circle.
    Be strong enough to cut toxic ties.

    Downsize to those who are actually supportive.
    Let go of their negative edges and grow into who you are actually supposed to be.
    Sometimes in order to save yourself,
    you must learn to walk away and let go.

    Be strong enough to lose your "best mates".
    Be strong enough to accept and embrace the reality.

    Taking care of your self is most productive investment you can do.
    Fill your heart with hope so you don't feel like giving up.
    They'll call you unnecessarily bold.
    They'll try to clip your wings.
    Some may ask you to shrink yourself so that you fit inside their box.

    Be strong enough to let them down.
    And when you are done putting yourself back together.
    They won't recognise you anymore.
    Give yourself the effort you deserve.
    Give yourself the peace you promised.

    Don't be afraid to grow into someone you are actually supposed to be.


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